Best 17-inch Laptops of 2024


There are many brands of 17 inch laptops, some good, some not so good. We know that you don't want to pay too much, but what should you consider when buying a laptop? We found some 17 inch laptops for sale at and we chose our favorites! We narrowed the list down to only the top 17 inch laptops on Amazon.

Top Picks

Here are all of our top Best 17-inch Laptops that we have picked out for you to choose.

Our Reviews

Here we are, the best part of this article where you can find our subjective reviews about some top Best 17-inch laptops that you definitely should consider buying.

1. Alienware m17 R5

Best for Gaming


  • Brand: Alienware
  • Series: Alienware m17 R4
  • Screen Size: 17.3 Inches
  • Color: White
  • Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
  • CPU Model: Core i7
  • Ram Memory Installed Size: 16 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Card Description: NVIDIA RTX3060

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  • Excellent gaming and general performance
  • Extremely comfy keyboard
  • Extremely long battery life


  • Expensive

Product’s Summary

Alienware offers three full HD (1,920-by-1,080-pixel) screens with refresh rates ranging from 165Hz to 360Hz and 480Hz. Our system arrived with an AMD-only screen that supports AMD FreeSync and SmartAccess Graphics, which instantly switches the system to the discrete GPU for graphics-intensive tasks.

G-Sync and Advanced Optimus are Nvidia's counterparts to these technologies. To avoid performance loss, all models contain a MUX switch that allows the GPU to operate the panel directly rather than translating through the on-chip graphics.

The R5 certainly has an edge in unplugged endurance, outlasting the others and outperforming the R4. The size and weight of the laptop may restrict you from doing any traveling, but if you do take it out (or simply to your sofa), it will last longer than you expect.

2. LG Gram 17

Best Lightweight


  • Brand: LG
  • Series: 17Z90Q-R.AAB8U1
  • Screen Size: 17
  • Color: Gray
  • Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
  • CPU Model: Core i7
  • Ram Memory Installed Size: 16 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home
  • Card Description: NVIDIA RTX2050
  • Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX2050

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  • The light weight makes it an ideal travel companion
  • The long battery life is ideal for touring
  • The sharp QHD display is ideal for editing


  • Not strong enough for gaming
  • Portability comes at a high cost

Product’s Summary

The LG Gram 17 is a strong device. The most recent model has an i7-1260P, a 12th-generation Intel Core CPU. It may also be customized with up to 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD for storage. USB-A 3.1, USB-C/Thunderbolt 4, and HDMI are among the ports available.

Furthermore, the laptop includes top-tier security technologies, such as its biometric safety feature: a built-in fingerprint scanner. The battery life of this 17-inch laptop might vary. However, LG claims that depending on how you use the smartphone, you can anticipate an average of 17 hours of battery life.

Consider the LG Gram 17 for a lighter, more portable choice than the laptops you've previously used if you're always on the go. This gadget is less than three pounds in weight. But don't be fooled by that figure.

Despite its lightweight, the laptop delivers a tremendous punch, thanks to a sturdy, nanocarbon, "military-grade" magnesium alloy frame.

3. MSI Creator Z17

Best Portable


  • Brand: MSI
  • Series: CREATORZ17049
  • Screen Size: 17
  • Color: Gray
  • Hard Disk Size: 1 TB
  • CPU Model: Core i7
  • Ram Memory Installed Size: 32 GB
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Pro
  • Card Description: Integrated
  • Graphics Coprocessor: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti

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  • Outstanding productivity and creative performance
  • Excellent gameplay performance
  • Excellent keyboard and touchpad
  • Active pen assistance
  • Excellent build quality
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Expensive
  • Display is not good as the other laptops
  • Poor battery life

Product’s Summary

If you want a lot of power on a laptop that isn't strictly designed for gaming, this MSI machine has you covered. It has an Intel Core i9-12900H CPU, 64GB of RAM, a 2TB SSD, and an Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti GPU, which are all excellent specifications for tackling bigger tasks that most laptops struggle with.

The laptop also has a USB-C connector, as well as many USB-A ports, as well as HDMI and Thunderbolt 4. For typical activity, the battery lasts about seven hours. It's lighter than many of our recommendations, weighing in at around 5 pounds, but it's also one of the most expensive ones, so plan accordingly.


Here are some questions related to the … that we think you might want to check out to gain more information about …

1. What is the best screen resolution for a 17 inch laptop?

While a 17-inch laptop has a higher screen resolution, bigger isn't necessarily better. Actually, it is strongly advised that you get a 17-inch tablet with at least 1080p Full HD resolution to help with your responsibilities.

2. How many RAM GB is enough?

For general computer usage and internet surfing, we recommend 8GB of RAM, 16GB for spreadsheets and other office programs, and at least 32GB for gamers and multimedia artists.

3. How many cores is good for a laptop?

When purchasing a new computer, whether a desktop PC or a laptop, it is critical to understand the number of cores in the CPU. Most users can get by with two or four cores, but video editors, engineers, data analysts, and others in comparable disciplines will need at least six.


In conclusion, Laptops are very personal gadgets. You can use it for personal and business use. You can use it for entertainment and reading books. With its powerful processors and high capacity hard drive, a 17 inch laptop offers so much more than a 13.3 inch laptop.

Whether you are looking for a business laptop or gaming laptop or want a portable laptop for entertainment purposes, the best 17 inch laptops have the right combination of performance and portability to suit your requirements. So if you are looking for the best 17 inch laptop, here is our top list.

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