Best Smart Displays of 2024


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This post will review some of the best smart displays.


1. All-new Echo Show 10

Best Overall

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  • The display circles the room.
  • Video calls need a good camera.
  • Good voice-recognition


  • Bass speaker
  • Relative cost

Product's Summary


No matter what you're doing, the rotating screen of the new Echo Show 10 is constantly within your line of sight. The Echo Show 8 (2nd generation) contains a 13MP camera for video discussions that makes use of the rotating screen to pan and zoom so that you're always in focus.

A large number of microphones on the device helped it recognize our voices rapidly, even when we were on the other side of the room from her. After the introduction of Netflix, third-party streaming app compatibility is still limited, and we found the speaker to be a little too bassy for our liking.

The most expensive smart display on the market deserves a place in your home if you like watching cooking courses or making video calls to select other Amazon smart displays.

2. Echo Show 8

Best Premium

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  • Minimalist
  • Improvements
  • Camera upgrades
  • Cheap


  • Some video bugginess

Product's Summary

Because the original generation of Amazon's 8-inch smart display was so well-liked and reliable, there aren't many changes in the second edition. Thanks to the phone's new MediaTek processor and motion-sensor camera, touchscreen responsiveness, and video calls have been enhanced.

When compared to the original generation, the Echo Show 8's enhanced camera and auto-framing features make it a highlight for video conversations. It's able to see the screen clearly from across the room thanks to automatically adjusted color and white balance.

Despite their lack of volume, the speakers are suitable for watching movies or listening to the news while resting in the comfort of your own home. Amazon's Echo Show 8 is a capable smart home assistant that isn't too expensive and can make life easier in even the most complex smart homes.

Amazon's software, not the hardware, is at blame for Show 8's most critical faults. YouTube and Amazon's user interfaces are difficult to use without voice control, which has yet to be included in some of the most popular apps.

3. Meta Portal – Smart Video Calling for the Home

Best for Smart Video Calls

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  • High-quality video conferencing
  • Simple social network sharing
  • Digital picture frame.
  • Low-cost


  • Smart home control restrictions

Product's Summary


A direct competitor to Amazon's Echo Show series, the Facebook Portal makes it easy to browse social media with a few voice commands..

Access chat services like Facebook and Whatsapp, and see photos straight from your Facebook account, using this app.

The Portal's most important feature is video calling.

Focus, white balance, color temperature, and brightness may all be adjusted to fit the environment in which you're making the call.

Auto-framing puts you in the center of your caller's vision, so they can easily see your beautiful face.

Other than video conferencing, the Portal falls short of the Amazon Echo 8 and 10 in many other areas.

Rather, it lacks more complex functions such as smart home management. It is not that it cannot do simple duties like showing calendars and to-do lists on the device.

It's still a big selling feature since the price is so low: The 10-inch model sold by Amazon is much more expensive.

4. Echo Show 5

Best Budget


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  • Cheapest camera-equipped smart TV
  • Shuttering
  • CCTV at home


  • Not having YouTube
  • Bad video and audio

Product's Summary


Although the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd generation) does not support YouTube, it is still the most affordable smart display with a built-in camera.

If you don't want to be filmed or viewed by mistake, the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2019) has a physical camera shutter like its predecessor, which is becoming increasingly common among customers as numerous data and privacy scandals shake the digital sector.

In addition to being utilized as a security camera, the camera is also compatible with Amazon's range of smart displays. Despite the low cost, certain sacrifices must be made in order to make it work. Another problem with this device is that it doesn't have the ability to use YouTube. As long as you don't use it as your main display, we think they're acceptable.


1. Is a smart display worth it?

Smart displays may be used to broadcast music and films, and they can also be used to check the weather. – It's also a great method to find recipes you can follow step-by-step without having to do any cooking yourself.

2. What is the point of a smart display?

It's as easy as instructing your smart display to make a quick video call. The Echo Show has built-in face-tracking technology. There are times when the camera may follow you around a room during a video conference.

3.  What is the difference between a tablet and a smart display?

A tablet's experience may be substantially more customized than a laptop or desktop thanks to Android's vast app and game store and several customization choices. Because of the presence of virtual assistants on smart displays, tasks may be accomplished with much more boldness and clarity than they otherwise could.


An extensive selection of intelligent displays is available to you, all of which are priced to fit inside your budget. Choose the most competent smart displays for your personal use depending on the features you want and the price range you can afford.

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