How to Put Stickers on Laptop

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is their plain and boring design. Sure, you could buy a fancy case, but why not add some personality and flair with stickers? Stickers are a fun and creative way to personalize your laptop and show off your unique style.

But before you dive into the sticker frenzy, you might have some questions. Is it alright to stick stickers on your laptop? What are stickers made of? Where should you put them? In this article, we'll answer these questions and more, and show you how to sticker your laptop.

Should I Put Stickers On My Laptop?

Yes, you definitely should! Stickers are a great way to express your individuality and make your laptop stand out from the crowd. Plus, they're removable, so you can change them up whenever you want.

What Is a Sticker Made Of?

Stickers are made of different materials, but the most common ones are vinyl, paper, and PET. Vinyl stickers are the most durable and long-lasting, while paper stickers are the most affordable and easy to print. PET stickers are a mix of vinyl and paper and are a good compromise between durability and affordability.

What Is a Sticker Made Of

How To Put Stickers On A Laptop?

  • Clean and dry your laptop surface. Wipe down the entire laptop with a microfiber cloth to remove any dirt or debris before applying stickers. Ensure the surface is completely dry to allow stickers to stick properly.

  • Use sticker mini-notebooks or grids. Mini notebooks are dotted grids that make it easy to keep stickers organized and prevent messy clusters. You can find blank mini notebooks or theme-specific ones for arranging quotes, to-do's, etc. they are very useful for sticker bombing laptops.

  • Create themes for your stickers. Develop a color scheme, topic or other theme to guide sticker placement for a cohesive look. Themes could include travel spots, hobbies, quotes, illustrations, etc. Stick to your theme to avoid a chaotic, random arrangement of stickers.

  • Leave some space blank. While you want coverage, avoid filling the entire laptop surface with stickers. Leave some space in between groups of stickers or at corners/edges for a balanced, thought-out layout. Too many stickers can look messy rather than custom.

  • Consider symbol or word stickers. In addition to pictures, add meaningful symbols, quotes, song lyrics or keywords to personalize your laptop. Group related stickers together or scatter relevant ones throughout your design.

  • Use a grid or triangle pattern. Placing stickers in straight lines across the width of your laptop or in triangular/hexagonal shapes creates a neat, structured pattern. Leave rows/circles/other shapes unfilled for an interesting focal point.

  • Surround the keyboard or touchpad. Frame or highlight the keyboard, touchpad or other main input areas with your stickers for a stylish, custom look. Get creative with shapes, patterns and themes surrounding these focal points.

  • Arrange by category or topic. For theme-based sticker bombing, organize stickers related to the same hobby, location or other topic together on your laptop. Group quotes, places you've been or hobbies for a themed sticker arrangement.

  • Consider 3D or textured stickers. Raise stickers from the surface using 3D stickers, sculpted ones, stickers with depth or textured designs for an extra special, multi-dimensional look. Mix in 2D and 3D stickers for added depth and dimension.


Is It Alright To Stick Stickers On My Laptop?

Yes, it's alright to stick stickers on your laptop, as long as you don't cover any important events or ports. Stickers won't damage your laptop, but they might leave a sticky residue if you don't remove them properly.

Is It Alright To Stick Stickers On My Laptop

What Is The Best Place To Stick Stickers On Your Laptop?

The best place to stick stickers on your laptop is the back of the screen or the bottom of the device. These areas won't interfere with your work or touchpad, and they'll be visible to anyone behind you.

The worst place to stick stickers on your laptop is the keyboard area or the touchpad. These areas are essential for your work and might interfere with your typing or mouse movements.

Is Having Stickers on Your Laptop Unprofessional?

No, having stickers on your laptop is not unprofessional, as long as they're not offensive or inappropriate. Stickers can show off your personality and creativity, and even spark a conversation with your colleagues.

Why Do People Put Stickers On Their Mac?

People put stickers on their Macs for a variety of reasons, from personalizing their device to showing off their favorite bands, brands, or hobbies. Stickers can also cover up scratches or dents and make your Mac look new again.

Why Do People Put Stickers On Their Mac

How to Remove a Sticker From Your Laptop?

To remove a sticker from your laptop, use a hairdryer or a heat gun to warm up the adhesive. Then, gently peel off the sticker from one corner using a plastic card or your fingernail. If there's any residue left, use rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover to clean it up.


Stickers are a fun and creative way to personalize your laptop and make it stand out from the crowd. With our tips and tricks, you'll be able to sticker your laptop like a pro and express your unique style and personality. So go ahead, sticker your laptop and show off your creativity!

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