How to Take a Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop

Screenshots are a great way to capture important information, hilarious memes, or simply immortalize a moment in time. If you're a Lenovo laptop user, you might be wondering how to take a screenshot. Fear not! Our fun and easy guide will teach you how to take a screenshot on a lenovo laptop in no time.

How to Take a Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop?

How to Take a Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop

Use the PrtScrn button

The PrtScrn or "PrintScreen" button on your Lenovo laptop keyboard will capture the entire screen. Press and release the button, then open an image editing program and paste the screenshot using Ctrl+V to edit and share.

Use the Snipping Tool

the Snipping Tool is a built-in screen capture tool in Windows. Open the Start menu and select "All Programs" then "Accessories" and "Snipping Tool". Use the various tools to capture a full screen, freeform, window or region screenshot. snip and share.

Take a keypress screenshot 

Press the Alt+PrtScrn buttons together to capture only the active window on your screen. This allows sharing just the window you're working in. Release and paste into an app as needed.

Use a keyboard shortcut 

Familiar keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+Alt+PrtScrn (for just active window) and Alt+PrtScrn (for crosshairs tool to select region) also work on Lenovo laptops to capture screenshots. You can find a full list of Windows keyboard shortcuts online for reference.

How to take a Custom Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop?

Use the Snipping Tool 

Use the Snipping Tool 

This free tool that comes with Windows makes it easy to capture custom screenshots. Open the Snipping Tool app and select from tools to capture the full screen, rectangle, freeform shape or window screenshot. You can select the area and snip or snip shapes to capture just what you want.

Set Snipping Tool options 

In the Snipping Tool app, go to Options to set various preferences for your screenshots. Set file type (PNG, JPG), size, delay timer, snip shortcuts, the snip thumbnail placement, file name format and more. Choose options that best suit how you take and save screenshots.

Use the region capture tool 

Draw a box around the area of your screen you want to capture. Release when complete and it will snip and copy the screenshot to your clipboard. Then paste into an editing app.

Capture a freeform shape

Use the arrow tool in Snipping Tool to draw any shape you want on your screen and capture just that shape. Get creative! Snip circles, lines, ovals or freeform doodles.

Set a timer 

The Snipping Tool offers a timed capture option so you can setup a screen just right and snip it automatically after a few seconds. Set time from 5 to 60 seconds to get the perfect screenshot on-timer.

Capture the whole window 

Use the Activate or "A" Snip tool to capture just the active window you're in. Snip out the current app or desktop tool you're using.

PrintScreen button 

The PrtScrn or "PrintScreen" button still works to capture the full screen on a Lenovo laptop. Press and release the button, then paste into an editing tool using Ctrl+V.


Press and release Alt+PrtScrn together to capture the active window only with the cursor in it. Snip out just the window you're working in.

Share from the Snipping Tool 

Once you take a custom screenshot in the Snipping Tool, click the share button to instantly share via email, text message, social media or other sharing options. No need to save and re-share.


  • Ensure any snipping or screenshot tool you use is up to date. Check for available updates from the tool developer or Windows itself for the latest features and security patches.

  • Save your screenshots to OneDrive, Google Drive or another cloud service for access on other devices. Or save to your local laptop hard drive for organizing into folders.

  • Press and hold the "Windows" key + S on your keyboard to quickly open the Snipping Tool app. No need to search for the tool through the Start menu.

  • Name your screenshots immediately after capturing for easy identification later on. Include the date and subject or topic for useful reference screenshots.

  • Set options in the Snipping Tool like selecting file type (PNG, JPG, etc.), screenshot size/region, prompts (for snip shortcuts), etc. based on how you typically need to capture and share screens.


Now that you know how to take a screenshot on your Lenovo laptop, the possibilities are endless! Capture important information, funny memes, or simply preserve a moment in time. With our simple guide, you can snap away and become a screenshot pro in no time. So don't wait, start capturing your favorite moments today!

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